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Kehewin Cree Nation Health Services

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The community of Kehewin has health professionals within its health care facility that are available for membership. The community has access to the Health Nurse-in-Charge, Community Health Representatives, Medical Transportation, Dental Hygienist and other qualified professionals. Further, membership utilize the services from a variety of medical physicians, opticians, dentists and emergency services surrounding the community, as well as, specialized health professionals in other Urban areas. The 4 primary health care locations are Bonnyville, Elk Point, St. Paul and Cold Lake.


Mission Statement

With a holistic approach, promote individual, family, and community well-being, together with the People of Kehewin; encouraging everyone to choose and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Vision Statement

“A Safe, Nurtured, Empowered Nation of Independent Peoples”

  • The Journey +

    The mission and vision statements for Kehewin Health Services became the focal points when they began the accreditation process in 2007. Together the KHS team and Accreditation Canada, a major accrediting body for health organizations across Canada, began the 3-year cycle accreditation journey. It started with a self-assessment process, a tool that health organizations use to evaluate and improve the quality of their services. It involved examining everyday activities against national and international standards of excellence. The assessment is then used to plan services or action.
  • The Standards and Required Organizational Practices +

    Teams were organized and the task of examining and rating our services against Accreditation Canada standards began. Reviewing, creating and implementing policies to meet the required organizational practices were also a part of the procedure. Many quality improvement measures were taken.
  • Benefits +

    The positive atmosphere at the Health Services workplace speaks for itself. The various programs provided by the Health Services teams are instrumental in educating the community members and students on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Working together and getting involved in numerous activities with participants, has proven to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.
  • Accreditation +

    The completion of the first three-year cycle wrapped up in November 2009 successfully with the presentation of the accreditation certificate. Accreditation has been a powerful learning tool, and Kehewin Health Services continues to build on its strengths and use quality improvement methods to deliver services. The next survey will be in November 2012.
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Medical Transportation

Here are the services we offer: Local Medical van transportation to Bonnyville, Elkpoint, Stpaul, Edmonton, and Lloydminster for these types of appointments:
• General Practitioner
• Specialist
• Diagnostic imaging
• General & specialist dental
• Laboratory and blood work
• Mental health professional
• Optical
We also offer Private Vehicle mileage for all appointments listed above and the accommodation in Edmonton for early morning appointments (before 11:00 AM winter and 10:00 AM summer). We also offer mileage for traditional healing if in Alberta, and must be Pre- approved by health Canada.

KHS Home Care Program

Home care is a health care service for people living at home. Home care services are provided to people based on needs identified through a client assessment. The belief of care is to help people to keep their independence in their own home and allow them to be close to their loved ones as long as possible. Services are provided in a holistic matter that’s looks at the person’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional need because each person is different and unique. Homecare supports and improves the care provided by the family and community but does not replace it. Services Provided By Homecare
• Professional assessment and intervention
• Individual health monitoring
• Access to community resources
• Health education
• Support for family caregiver
• Palliative care
• Support after discharge from hospitalization
• Wound and skincare
• Assistance with bathing or dressing
• Medication assistance

Maternal Child Health Program

Assists pregnant women and parents achieve their goals for their children and their selves. The program provides: home visitation to pregnant women and families with young children, support for families with young children to help them get the services they need, fun programs for parents such as sewing, beading, cooking, crafts, baby showers, and collective kitchens.
The home visitor or supervisor can meet with you in your home or at the health center to learn about: pregnancy and childbirth, getting ready to bring baby home, taking care of yourself and baby etc. There are two classes per month and the MCH program also works with nursing staff, KTCS, and KYC.

How Do I Get Service?

Anyone can make a referral to Home care. You may refer yourself or you may be referred by others, such as family members, friends, your doctor, neighbors, or hospitals. Who Provides the Service? Home care services are provides mainly by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified home health aides/ personal care workers at the community level.


The program which I work with is our Seniors Support, we meet monthly at the Kehewin Health Center Boardroom. Senior support, everyone who is 65+ and their spouses in this group, we encourage senior to come meet with others as this probably the only time some people visit each other. We discuss history, kinship, education, and child rearing and traditional of the community and the members or whatever interest of the day. The purpose of this group is to come together as a group and not judge others for their religious or political beliefs, and as seniors if we could set an example maybe the youth can follow and just get along as life is to short not to hold onto grudges. We honor the seniors with a meal and gift monthly.